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What is Bad Credit Mortgage?

Your ability to secure a traditional mortgage or any other kind of loan depends on your credit history. If you have a bad credit history, you are going to find it difficult to secure a mortgage or loan. But there are options for people with bad credit. Unlocking the equity in your home, for instance, or offering a down payment on closing costs, can enable people who have been rejected by other traditional lending institutes to secure a bad credit mortgage.

There are a number things you can do if you are interested in applying for a bad credit mortgage or bad credit loan. Start by working out what your credit score actually is. In Canada, your credit score is a number between 300 and 900. This is assigned to you by one of two major credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion. After that, you can begin saving for a large down payment on your mortgage. With a poor credit score, you are likely to face high rates of interest.

Once you’ve considered these steps, you should come talk to the team of bad credit mortgage brokers here at Rala. At Rala, we excel at finding bad credit mortgage opportunities for people who can’t access credit, and we have plenty of experience at negotiating with private lenders on the clients' behalf, in order to secure the best terms possible for our clients. So, whatever your situation, we can secure a bad credit mortgage or bad credit loan, call us now to discuss your options.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone to discuss your situation. Rala Investments Ltd. provides first, second and third mortgages on all types of properties anywhere in British Columbia. We also arrange mortgages on partial interests in property. For a no-obligation consultation to get a quote on the interest rate for your potential loan, please call us today!

    Our Guarantee

    No Charge Until The Deal Is Done

    Because we value our customers, you won’t face any charges until your loan agreement is fully approved and the loan is already on its way to your account.

    Charge Based On Risk, Not Lender’s Fee

    Unlike other mortgage brokers, who aren’t always completely upfront, our charge is based on the risk associated with your loan, not on any undeclared finder’s fees.

    No Undisclosed Lender’s Finder Free

    We offer a service that is totally transparent and, as far as possible, operates in consultation with you, which is why we will never impose undisclosed finder’s fees on you.

    No Financial Product Up-Selling

    Our approach to business is based on trust and integrity, so we won’t try to attach any financial products to your loan agreement that you don’t need.

    Asked Questions

    Can I get a mortgage with bad credit history?

    It can be very difficult to find a mortgage with a poor credit history. The reason for this is that the majority of mainstream lenders make little effort to understand an applicant’s unique circumstances, so they will deny a mortgage application based on credit scores alone.

    At Rala, we make a concerted effort to understand the specific circumstances of each applicant, which allows us to set our customers up with lenders who are likely to be much more open to authorizing a loan request. The result is that our clients not only secure access to finance but benefit from the professional advice we can provide regarding their financial situation.

    Can I get a mortgage with current bad credit score?

    A poor credit rating doesn’t stop you from getting a mortgage. Mainstream banks won’t grant you a mortgage because they believe your risk level is too high.

    But here at Rala, we have built up a big network of lenders who will facilitate a loan for you regardless of your credit history. Your credit rating will affect the size of your downpayment, as well as the interest you pay to the lender. Contact us now if you have a bad credit rating but are looking of a loan.

    I have bad credit rating - how do I find the best mortgage deal?

    It’s not just that you can still get a mortgage deal with a bad credit rating, you can still get a good mortgage deal with a bad credit rating. It’s true that a bad credit score will hike your risk factor and can affect your mortgage rates.

    But here at Rala, we have developed such a wide network of lenders as a result of our many years in the industry, that we'll quickly find the right lender for your case. The key to our success is assessing a whole variety of factors before finding our clients the best mortgage deal.

    How does Rala charge its clients?

    Rala has a total commitment to transparency and honesty. We will provide straightforward, simple solutions to our customers, designed to provide you with a clear remedy to your problem.

    We only charge based on the risks associated with the loan agreement and based on the loan deal. We won’t hit you with hidden finder's fees.

    What’s the difference between mortgage brokers and lenders?

    A mortgage broker acts as the go-between for a lender and a borrower, meaning they facilitate agreements between you and your bank or mortgage lender. They also do the legwork of searching for the best mortgage product and interest rate for you. The lender provides the funding for your loan.

    Why should I go to a mortgage broker first?

    According to one study, 39 percent of first-time home buyers don’t understand what brokers do. However, there are good reasons to contact a broker before you attempt to buy a house.

    Mortgage brokers simplify the home buying process and help ensure that you don’t spend large amounts of money for no good reason. Mortgage brokers will help you get lower interest rates, improve your access to loans, give you the benefit of their experience, and always work on your side.

    Our Process


    Iain G.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service
    As a first home buyer, I was completely lost. My expertise is as a pest exterminator in Richmond. I had many questions and I needed a person that I could trust. Allan explained things very clearly. I appreciated how fast he was returning my emails and how he cared about us. As soon as we put our offer in he did everything very fast to make sure that we had all the documents that we need. He’s very personable, friendly and professional and I plan to work with him for bad credit mortgages for years to come.

    Mohammad V.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    We were in deep trouble when I found Rala Investments' name while I was searching online for a good mortgage broker. They have lots of good reviews. My husband said why not call them and find out if they can help us what do we have to lose, so we did call and before we knew it by the name of Allan Sadler was very kind and understanding to our specific need and right away before we could blink an eye our problems solved and we were on the road to recovery. We would like to thank Allan for his quick response to help us get approval for a bad credit mortgage and fast work that got the ball rolling without any stress to us. We would recommend Rala Investments to our family and friends.

    Dev C.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    I had a very pleasant experience with Allan Sadler of Rala Investments from start to the end of my approval for a bad credit mortgage. He explained all the options I have and guided me to make the right choice. I am very happy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. When it comes to the renewal of my mortgage I definitely will contact him first. Thank you, Allan, for all your help it was a pleasure to work with you.

    Cindy S.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    I am a very content and satisfied client. Rala Investments pulled me out of a tough situation and found a way to meet my present and future goals by helping me to get approval for a bad credit mortgage. Allan Sadler did an amazing job in the short amount of time and the complexity of my file. For once I trusted this stranger in handling my affairs. Thank you so much and I will happy to recommend him to any of my clients and friends and associates too. Blessings to you, Allan!

    Tonisha R.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    Allan Sadler, a wonderful mortgage broker from Rala Investments!! We would like to thank you for all your hard work and patience. It was a pleasure working with you. You always had our best interest in making sure you got us the best rates possible and no hidden fees. You were honest and upfront with each step we took forward when we were applying for the bad credit mortgage. We loved how you were very prompt on responding to emails and always keeping us on board with the process. I will be referring you in the future to family and friends and we look forward to doing business with you again. 100% satisfied.

    Selina N.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    We had the pleasure of dealing with Allan Sadler and we have to say. ......EXCELLENT SERVICE!! Allan was very knowledgeable and very professional. He answered all our questions and concerns promptly and got us approved of the bad credit mortgage done! I would strongly recommend Allan to my friends and family!! The entire deal was smooth! Keep up your excellent service! !! Allan is a valuable asset to Rala Investments!!!

    Charity R.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    We have recently sold our home of 15 years and after a long search found one that met today's needs. Our agent recommended Allan Sadler of Rala Investments Ltd. for our mortgage and we couldn't have made a better choice. Allan was very personable, knowledgeable, attentive and truly cared. He patiently guided us through the application process for the bad credit mortgage and helped us conquer every hurdle. We are happy owners of our new home today and we know we owe it in big part to Allan.

    Mcauley R.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    Rala Investments is a blessing! I don't know what we would have done without them. The whole process to obtain a bad credit mortgage went quick and stress-free. I would highly recommend Allan Sadler. Thank you Rala Investments for making my dreams become a reality......

    Fariha H.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    Allan Sadler working very quickly and diligently to ensure what is promised gets delivered. I was in a tough situation and looking for alternative options when I need to move out of the marital home after divorce. Allan helped me through and found the option in which I can apply for a bad credit mortgage to get a new apartment to live. I would recommend reaching out to Rala Investments, Allan will help to brighten your new future.

    Fiona T.

    A satisfied client with our Bad Credit Mortgage Service

    I was very pleased with Rala Investments. Allan was very detailed-oriented to all of my needs. Which of course was monetary but also emotional. I was very stressed knowing I had to get a second mortgage for debt. It was a very upsetting time but he listened well and talked me through the entire application process for the bad credit mortgage. He never rushed me and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Rala Investments and Allan.

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