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What is it?

Usually, when you buy a home, you also purchase the land that home is built on. There is, however, another way of doing things: a leased land mortgage. With a leased land mortgage, you’re buying the property but paying rent on the land. These kinds of mortgages are rare, but they are available - and with increasing frequency as the cost of property continues to rise.

One of the major advantages of a leased land mortgage is that it saves money: you are not buying the land on which the home is built, so your overall package of expenditure is lower. This means that you might be in a position to buy a better home in a more attractive neighborhood than you would otherwise be the case. A house bought with a leased land mortgage might also come with certain tax benefits.

The downside of a leased land mortgage is that, like residential properties, land appreciates in value. But if you don’t own the land your house is built on you, you can’t take advantage of that if or when you eventually decide to re-sell. And then, of course, there’s the expiration date on the leased land, which could cause you to lose all your equity when it arrives.

However, here at Rala, we experience in arranging leased land mortgages and can help facilitate a deal that works for you. Contact us now if you're interested in a leased land mortgage.

Our Process

Our Guarantee

Same Day Approval

As soon as your loan is approved, we will ensure the money is transferred to your lawyer straight away so that you don’t face any unnecessary delays.

No Charge Until The Deal Is Done

Because we value our customers, you won’t face any charges until your loan agreement is fully approved and the loan is already on its way to your account.

Charge Based On Risk, Not Lender’s Fee

Unlike other mortgage brokers, who aren’t always completely upfront, our charge is based on the risk associated with your loan, not on any undeclared finder’s fees.

No Undisclosed Lender’s Finder Free

We offer a service that is totally transparent and, as far as possible, operates in consultation with you, which is why we will never impose undisclosed finder’s fees on you.

No Financial Product Up-Selling

Our approach to business is based on trust and integrity, so we won’t try to attach any financial products to your loan agreement that you don’t need.


Anna Myers

After having dealt with different mortgage brokers for my bad credit mortgage issues, I have to say Rala investments had the quickest and the easiest process to deal with. There was never the problem of them requesting documents repeatedly from me after every process. Everything was done in a single shot and I was given regular updates on the progress. The service was prompt and quick.

John Alexander

Thank you Allan for helping me throughout my mortgage process. Your straight forward and balanced opinions gave me a sense of security and confidence. I also have to mention how quickly you responded to my queries and requests even on your days off. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and family.

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Asked Questions

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit history?

It can be very difficult to find a mortgage with a poor credit history. The reason for this is that the majority of mainstream lenders make little effort to understand an applicant’s unique circumstances, so they will deny a mortgage application based on credit scores alone.

At Rala, we make a concerted effort to understand the specific circumstances of each applicant, which allows us to set our customers up with lenders who are likely to be much more open to authorizing a loan request. The result is that our clients not only secure access to finance but benefit from the professional advice we can provide regarding their financial situation.

Can I get a mortgage with current bad credit score?

A poor credit rating doesn’t stop you from getting a mortgage. Mainstream banks won’t grant you a mortgage because they believe your risk level is too high.

But here at Rala, we have built up a big network of lenders who will facilitate a loan for you regardless of your credit history. Your credit rating will affect the size of your downpayment, as well as the interest you pay to the lender. Contact us now if you have a bad credit rating but are looking of a loan.

I have bad credit rating - how do I find the best mortgage deal?

It’s not just that you can still get a mortgage deal with a bad credit rating, you can still get a good mortgage deal with a bad credit rating. It’s true that a bad credit score will hike your risk factor and can affect your mortgage rates.

But here at Rala, we have developed such a wide network of lenders as a result of our many years in the industry, that we'll quickly find the right lender for your case. The key to our success is assessing a whole variety of factors before finding our clients the best mortgage deal.

I have recently filed for bankruptcy - can I still get a loan?

Yes, you can still get a loan, although it will depend to some extent on the number of times you have filed for bankruptcy and when your last bankruptcy case was. We have connections with several groups of lenders who will give you a loan, depending on the circumstances of your bankruptcy.

How does Rala charge its clients?

Rala has a total commitment to transparency and honesty. We will provide straightforward, simple solutions to our customers, designed to provide you with a clear remedy to your problem.

We only charge based on the risks associated with the loan agreement and based on the loan deal. We won’t hit you with hidden finder's fees.

What’s the difference between mortgage brokers and lenders?

A mortgage broker acts as the go-between for a lender and a borrower, meaning they facilitate agreements between you and your bank or mortgage lender. They also do the legwork of searching for the best mortgage product and interest rate for you. The lender provides the funding for your loan.

Why should I go to a mortgage broker first?

According to one study, 39 percent of first-time home buyers don’t understand what brokers do. However, there are good reasons to contact a broker before you attempt to buy a house.

Mortgage brokers simplify the home buying process and help ensure that you don’t spend large amounts of money for no good reason. Mortgage brokers will help you get lower interest rates, improve your access to loans, give you the benefit of their experience, and always work on your side.

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